View Full Version : Change a D&D 1st ed adventure to a D&D 3.5/Pathfinder or 5th ed adventure

November 26th, 2020, 09:49
Hello, There are many D&D 1st ed adventures that I loved GMing and playing on table top. I would just have some notes that I would write to convert the adventure to 3.5 or 5th ed. I would use the maps from the adventure and just needed to upgrade the encounters (monsters and sometimes treasure).
My question is: Is there a way to convert an adventure that I purchase (Such as B2: The Keep on the Borderlands, for example) and play it with another rule set like D&D 3.5/Pathfinder?
I am sure it has been asked before, but I can not find it. I am using FGU if that matters.
Thank you for your time in advance.

November 26th, 2020, 12:32
Use the Universal Modules extension.

November 27th, 2020, 01:49
Thank you, what I have read on it, it look like what I am after.