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November 22nd, 2020, 16:40
Ubiquity: Ruleset and LanguagePak

General information about the project
In this post I publish the ubiquity ruleset and LPAK for it, which I have created. I will also inform about updates here.

The files are available at gitlab.com. There you can also open issues if you want to.

Notes on Copyright
The notes on the copyrights can be found in the README.md files in the folder of the corresponding project.

Link to the project: https://gitlab.com/LuleDZ/lulesfgprojekte

If a copyright holder is interested in publishing copyrighted material on the store of Fantasy Grounds, I will gladly help with the necessary data structure resulting from the ruleset. Before publication, however, the contact between the rights holder and SmiteWorks is essential. More details can be found on the following page: https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/FGKB/pages/359727308/License+to+produce+Fantasy+Grounds+modules. For free publications I am happy to help. Just ask for it.

The projects
1. Ubiquity ruleset (https://gitlab.com/LuleDZ/lulesfgprojekte/-/tree/master/rulesets/Ubiquity)
2. EN-LanguagePak (https://gitlab.com/LuleDZ/lulesfgprojekte/-/tree/master/extensions/Ubiquity_EN-LanguagePak)
3. other Extensions (https://gitlab.com/LuleDZ/lulesfgprojekte/-/tree/master/extensions) or here (https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?63867-Ubiquity-Extensions&p=558517)

February 17th, 2021, 12:32
Ruleset updated. It is now compatible with the CoreRPG-Ruleset v2021-02-01. The release announcement for the CoreRPG-Updates is here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?66105-FG-Ruleset-Updates-2020-02

March 2nd, 2021, 20:03
Ruleset updated. It is now compatible with the CoreRPG-Ruleset v2021-03-02. The release announcement for the CoreRPG-Updates is here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?66655-FG-Ruleset-Updates-2021-03

Ubiquity Ruleset v1.2b and EN-LanguagePak v1.2b

Ubiquity Ruleset v1.2b
- compatibility to CoreRPG V2021-03-02
- small bug fixes in charsheet, health display
- adjusting font size in sidebar

EN-LanguagePak v1.2b
- compatibility to CoreRPG V2021-03-02
- bug fix for display issue in sidebar

March 7th, 2021, 11:25
Ruleset updated.

Ubiquity Ruleset v1.2d, still interoperable with EN-LanguagePak v1.2b

- tested on FGU
- debugging several FGU-issues
- debugging minor bugs
- workaround for Bug in CoreRPG until next release of CoreRPG, see https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?65798-Issues-Beta-Release-2021-02-Ruleset-Updates&p=583878&viewfull=1#post583878

March 7th, 2021, 13:13
Good stuff lule!

March 10th, 2021, 12:19
Thank you.

Update 1.2e for full compatibility to CoreRPG V2021-03-09 is in work. This time not a big deal, only some new translations and the removal of the workaround.

March 10th, 2021: Updated to Version 1.2e

April 1st, 2021: Updated to Version 1.2f, compatibility to CoreRPG V2021-03-31, FGU 4.0.10 and FGC 3.3.15

April 14th, 2021, 18:25
Update: Ubiquity Ruleset v1.2g and EN-LanguagePak v1.2g

- compatibility to CoreRPG v2021-04-13
- senses can be entered in character sheet (senses uses CoreRPG functionality)
- two changed sidebar icons
- small script changes in damage manager

Update: Ubiquity Ruleset v1.2h and EN-LanguagePak v1.2h

- compatibility to CoreRPG v2021-04-20

June 1st, 2021, 20:35
Update: Ubiquity Ruleset v1.3 and EN-LanguagePak v1.3

- compatibility to CoreRPG v2021-05-21
- Bugfix: when opening an item out of a item-modul, two new empty items are not longer generated
- other small code errors

Update: Ubiquity Ruleset v1.4 and EN-LanguagePak v1.4

- compatibility to CoreRPG v2021-06-10
- small design bugfix for sidebar
- passive defense also with pressed strg at skills tab

Update: Ubiquity Ruleset v1.4a (is compatible with EN-LanguagePak v1.4)

- compatibility to CoreRPG v2021-06-1029