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November 17th, 2020, 23:11
The four Horsemen. Nearly deific entities from the Plane of Abbadon. Long have they been ignored in the balance of souls between heaven and hell, and that suited them just fine. Over the long Eons they have ridden to collect the souls of others forgotten in the tabulations of good versus evil, and their armies grow. The time has come for the horsemen to take an active roll on the Material Plane. Great changes are coming and they have seen the need for Avatars of their will. The horsemen and their mistrustful allies, The Deadly Sins, have taken the first steps of the apocalypse. Destruction on a scale the Material Plane has rarely seen, has exploded upon it's surfaces taking hundreds of thousands of lives in a single night, forever altering the terrain of the world. And in the midst of all this death, the seeds of greater reaping have been sown. For among the denizens of these ravaged lands, the Harbingers have chosen their avatars, and they have arisen.

FG License: Will be Unity Ultimate (though I'll wait until I have a group interested to make the payment)
Game System: Pathfinder 1e, Mythic rules, Epic levels (optional), Kingdom building (optional), Massive damage rules (tweaked to scale with max health rather than flat 50HP, optional), called shots (optional), hero points (optional), skill unlocks (optional)

Time Zone: Mountain Canada/US
Day of week and time: Any day between 2pm and 10pm (Player choice)
Planned start date: Once a group is ready to play
Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly 3-6hr sessions based on number of players.
Term: Long term, potentially eternal
Price: As there will likely be a lot of custom design on the fly I am aiming for $15/session, but this is not set in stone.

Text or Voice: Prefer to use discord for voice to complement text in FG
Voice software used: FG Unity and discord for voice.
Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? I may record for personal records, but I will not post anything anywhere.

Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50 to 25/75 depending on player feedback
Number of Players in game & needed: 4+ (The better people know their characters and the smoother their turns go, the more I can accomodate.)
Character starting level & equipment: 2nd level; 25 pt buy, or heroic rolls (2d6+6) rolled by me; 2 traits; 1000GP starting wealth;
Character restrictions: ANY official content on D20pfsrd.com or aonprd.com; 3rd party at my approval. No 3.5 DND conversions.

The players will play as characters marked by either one of the horsemen, or the deadly sins themselves. This mark will grant extra powers as the players level and bind them to the wills of the Harbingers. But the Harbingers wills are simple so far: Kill for them. The Harbingers do not tolerate in-fighting. They are a singularly unified front the likes of which has not been seen on any plane so far. (This means there will be no player trolling allowed) And they have tapped the greatest fonts of power imaginable. (The Mythic rules will be in play, and I have some homebrew epic level rules to play with as well if desired)

I expect players to be familiar enough to know what they can and cannot do in general, and to be very familiar with what their characters capabilities are. I will not hold any hands, if you don't say you used power attack before hand, you didn't do it. If you say you always explore left first, you always do. You need to know what to roll when I ask for something strange like 'A fort save using Int' so that play can move in a quick and orderly fashion. This (unfortunately for them) will exclude new players from THIS campaign. I will allow almost anything so long as it isn't against other players, or in excessive/gratuitous detail. This is a campaign to let lose as a player and push the boundaries of the rules. If it's not a strict rule, I'll make a quick ruling and possibly adjust the rules as needed later. I won't stop to see what rules I can find, I want smooth gameplay, we are here to have fun after all. All of Golarion (and the other planes once you can get there) is your playground. I will try to be as realistic with consequences as I can. The larger and faster the carnage, the bigger and stronger the forces sent to combat you will be. Slaughter entire nations, or manipulate nations to war, Death is Death.

Link to Game Calendar page: TBD

If interested post the following in this topic, with how it relates to you:
Experience with Discord/Fantasy Grounds:
Experience with Pathfinder 1e/tabletop RPG's in general:
Which optional rules you would like to use (and any requests for others I may have missed):
If you know what kind of player type you are (http://www.darkshire.net/jhkim/rpg/theory/models/robinslaws.html):
Your preferred Harbinger patron, and a backup or two:

Current Interest:
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This will be my first Fantasy Grounds campaign. Any feedback on either the gaming or this post would be appreciated. Please DM me.