View Full Version : Direct Question to the Devs

ShotGun Jolly
November 14th, 2020, 18:05
This is specifically directed at the Developers. Just note, you are going to have to accept this post for what it is.. frustration.

I never added this into the bug thread, and realistically it needs to be added to the improvement thread. But I really would like to hear the answer.

(Rant) If the time was spent to add in all the encumbrance values of each of the items you can have, WHY then do you not have it so it keeps a tally of the total on the character sheet somewhere?

Currently to find out your total weight carried you need to manually go into every item and find the value and then add up all the totals. People paid a lot of money, and it does not even tally up encumbrance!

And if by chance you feel the need to make some form of basic automation, the levels of Enc are as follows.
Brawn x2
Brawn x3
Brawn x4
Brawn x5

There should be a level of expectation for certain basic features of a ruleset if its going to be sold at a premium cost. (/Rant)