View Full Version : Devin Night Kickstarter Mega Bundle - What was included?

November 14th, 2020, 15:53
So, I backed the kickstarter and purchased Devin's Mega Bundle add-on.

I like Devin's work and would like to purchase more of his stuff. How do I know what was included in the mega-bundle? I don't think that it's easy to reconcile the naming scheme, or if it is, it is not clear to me. There

I can see that I have Devin Night Token Pack 140: Heroic Characters 27. So is it fair to say that I have 1-140? In the FGU store there is Token Pack 141,142,143 and 144. Is there a way to know, or do I need to manually compare what I see in my assets folder with the store?

There are some sets that seem to bypass the "Token Pack" naming scheme. Devin Night Token Pack: Creature Codex 2, for example.

November 15th, 2020, 10:18
In the FG store, doesn’t it indicate if you already own the pack? I know I added the Cthulhu bundle during kickstarter and they show up as “owned”

November 15th, 2020, 15:17
Wow, it seems you are correct! I did not know that there was so much new product out there.

November 15th, 2020, 16:11
They are now releasing 2 new art packs and 1 new theme a month, so it will build up quickly.