View Full Version : Bug with die codes & mods on the Cntl hot key bar

May 16th, 2007, 18:18
When you have a die code on the Cntrl Hotkey bar and a die mod on the Cntrl bar when the mod is combined with the /die roll the sign of the /die roll is reversed. Pew, what a mouthful.

A concrete example. Create a +2 Flank mod on the Cntrl say in C-1. Create a /die 1d20+4 Longsword die code and drag it into C-2. Press C-1 to load the mod into the modifier box. It should show +2 correctly. Press C-2 to use the d20 code. Look at the chat window. It will show: Longsword -4 (Flank +2). The -4 should be a +4. This works fine if you use a mod from any other hot key bar. IE if you had the Flank Mod on any other bar and the /die 1d20+4 Longsword on the Ctrl bar. The problem is with die mods on the Ctrl Hotkey bar.