View Full Version : pro DM free to run games every day for next 4 weeks list of systems >>>>

November 7th, 2020, 15:27
hey guys iam doom been a dm for 15 years
iam in lock down for 4 weeks last time i was in lock down i had a campaign run for 12 weeks every day pretty much :-)

Iam happy to run
D&D 5e
call of Cthulhu
vampire 5th
judge dredd and worlds of 2000 AD
dungeon crawl classic

I have games ready for all rule sets i use a mix of my own stuff and modules :-)

i have pro and own all rule sets of FG

so one of game or campign is 10 for 4 to 5 hours
if you want to book a campaign or group session
i will work a deal if you wanted to do a lev 1 to 12 campaign like the new icewind dale
if you wanted to play once a week till done one of payment off 220 for a group of up to 5
if you wanted to do the campaign in a week every day i will do this for 250
hapy to talk about this etc payments threw paypal
plz drop in and talk to me on my discord


thx doom