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November 3rd, 2020, 14:14
Greetings and well-met heroes! I am The Dungeon Master and I will be your guide in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons!

I am a highly experienced professional DM with over 5 years as a professional and 30 years DMing. I run multiple systems and games throughout the week. The current schedule for games is;

Dragons of Starfall [D&D 5th] [4/4]

A Song of Ice and Fire: Heroes of The Night's Watch [D&D 5th] [2/6]

THURSDAY 6:00-10:00 PM CST
Convergent REvolution [Pathfinder 1st] [4/4]

FRIDAY 10:00-1:00 PM CST
DOOMSDAY AFTERMATH [Mutants and Masterminds 3rd] [5/6]

FRIDAY 5:00-8:00 PM CST
DOOMSDAY AFTERMATH: Gotham [Mutants and Masterminds 3rd] [4/6]

SUNDAY 3:30-6:30 PM CST
Dragons of the Frozen Seas [Pathfinder 1st] [5/6]

SUNDAY 7:00-10:00 PM CST
Heroes Wanted [D&D 5th] [4/6]

SUNDAY 11:00-2:00 AM CST
The Legend of Shiryō [D&D 5th] [3/3]

All games are $15/week or $50/month paid via PayPal. I am also open to running new games any day/time that is available. Games that I am most interested in running include Diablo [Pathfinder], The Walking Dead [d20 Modern], and DragonWarrior [D&D 5th]. For the last one, I have lovingly recreated the world of Alefgard using high quality images of all of the monsters to truly make the game feel like the old school NES rpg classic. I am also available to run games set in my homebrew world of Tenkanerth. If you are interested in filling any of the open spots above, or creating a new campaign for you and your friends, please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have as well as get you all setup. I specialize in running ultra-long-term campaigns and helping newcomers feel welcome and get up to speed. Thank you for your time and as always everyone, good gaming!


November 3rd, 2020, 18:48
Hey TheDM :)

This looks quite interesting. Maybe you can guide me, which of your sessions (current or future) would be best?

I'm a 40+ yr old male from Europe (CET which is UTC+1) who wants to get into roleplaying again, preferably some fantasy settings.

I have played a lot of a very popular (German) rpg in the past called "The Dark Eye". Complexity wise I would say, it's comparable to D&D5e

I also own and have read the D&D5e players handbook.

Regarding tools, I have both FGC and FGU

Looking at your slots / sessions, do you have any recommendation?

November 4th, 2020, 05:24
If the time works for you I recommend Heroes Wanted on Sundays at 7 pm central time!

November 5th, 2020, 18:57
I am very interested to learn more about the A Song of Ice and Fire: Heroes of The Night's Watch

November 5th, 2020, 20:24
There are 3 players currently and they are level 4. Anything else I can answer for you?

November 6th, 2020, 14:10
Well yes actually.. how to you integrate 5e with GoT

November 6th, 2020, 16:32
Since GoT is a fantasy setting with dragons etc, there are plenty of crossover elements. With a little re-flavoring it is easy enough to fit in most of the base classes such as rangers, fighters, druids, clerics, barbarians, rogues, and even warlocks and sorcerers. The races are a little trickier of course, but it is not too hard to picture Thenns as Half-Orcs, Children of the Forest as Gnomes, Valarians as Half-Elves, and even Halflings and Dwarves as Dwarf Humans. I even allowed Goliath to be re-flavored as a Clegane cousin. There are some limitations due to trying to capture the feel of the series, but it works pretty well so far.

November 6th, 2020, 18:58
Wow, nice job