View Full Version : pro DM (Paid game ) 5 E Ebberon /Ravnica

October 27th, 2020, 21:13
hey guys hows it going i have been runing games for over 15 years
been runing game online and in IRL for a long time
iam a world and story builder
70 % of content is my own
happy to run games in Ebberon /Ravnica
iam a science fantasy dude hence worlds

voice done on discord

Iam happy to run a open group wait for full group or private group sessions i can run up to 8 in 5e
intend to run more than one session a week
its 10.00 a session or
5 for 45.00
10 for .80 .00
4 to 5 hours of play
payment done on paypal
happy to run games when ever what ever time

cheers doom hippy out