View Full Version : If I could add 1 single automation to the Conan Ruleset it would be..

ShotGun Jolly
October 27th, 2020, 01:12
If I was allowed to make a 1 single automation to the current ruleset, it would be to have it so that the Wounds and Traumas are automatically added to the difficulty of the roll..

Each wound would add 1 difficulty to any skill roll evolving Agility, Brawn and Coordination. While each Trauma adds 1 difficulty to Awareness, Intelligence, Personality and Will Power.

This way the GM or player is only required to set the base difficulty and that automation will do the rest.

I think that would be very nice!


October 27th, 2020, 07:20
I don't think this ruleset can get away with one single automation... you are too generous or modest :)