View Full Version : [LFG][PAID] Looking to Play Starting Tonight - Committed, Weekly Player!

October 24th, 2020, 21:28
Hello all,

I know this would be on rather short notice, but I'm interested in finding a weekly game for Saturdays, hopefully starting tonight! I'm available to play weekly from 7pm-11pm EST (12am if needed), and I'm very much a committed player.

While I am open to any system you might like to propose, D&D 5E would be the easiest to jump in on with short notice. I'm happy to mold myself to the needs of your party, and as a professional GM myself, I'm accustomed to creating interesting characters on the fly. Role-playing and storytelling are key to me, every bit as much as mechanics, and I can promise you an engaging new player who's casual and friendly OOC while portraying an interesting character suited to your needs. Payment is something I am more than happy to consider for a seat at your table, even if I should have to join after the campaign has started. I only ask to start on even footing with the party (level, etc, or equivalent for the system you're using). Long term campaigns preferred!

Have you a campaign taking place tonight with an empty seat in need of filling? Please, drop me a line! PM is acceptable, but for the fastest reply, please give me a DM via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725! Thanks!


License: Unity Ultimate, Classic Demo
Availability: Saturdays 7pm-11pm/12am (also need a Friday night game)
Interests: Role-playing, storytelling, diverse class and race options, prefer starting level of at least 3rd (better establishes character, in my opinion), casual and friendly out of character atmosphere, largely safe for work content in-game aside from the expected fantasy violence.
Contact: PM, or for a faster reply, DM via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725