View Full Version : Best Way to Create New Races & Icons, & Where to Store Them?

October 23rd, 2020, 06:52
I finally bought the FG 13A ruleset in the sale, so I've started to adapt the Midgard Campaign Setting to it. Apart from the large bestiary, the Midgard setting adds new Icons and Races. I originally created the Icons as public notes, but then decided to create them as Story objects under their own group of "Midgard Icons." I also have a number of races to create and I've been thinking of creating them as Story objects too with a group of name of "Midgard Races."

I believe I'm setting myself up for problems later however, when I attempt to export those as a module. IIRC, what's exported to a custom module is content with group names that match up with the export Category name. Which is going to be a problem for me as I'll have 2 custom Story groups.

I haven't begun creating the races yes, so I'm looking for some feedback on how best to do this?

[Edit] Never mind - I adapted the Gearforged race under a Story-Midgard Races group and did a test export. Both Story groups were successfully exported in my custom module. I'm just grateful that I'll be able to build the Midgard races' powers and A/C/E feats under the Powers and Feats objects - much cleaner.

November 11th, 2020, 19:00
well you had to do that at the very first place !