View Full Version : The New Dawn of Arcana: D&D 5e long term game

October 23rd, 2020, 04:25
FG License: Ultimate Classic, so players only need demo
Game System: D&D 5e

Time Zone: Eastern Time
Day of week and time: Fridays
Frequency: Weekly
Start date: First Friday after we get at least 4 players (max 6)
Duration: Roughly 2.5 hours
Term: Long term
Paid: $15 per person per session, first session always free!

Text or Voice: Discord chat between sessions, Discord or Zoom voice or video during sessions
Voice software used: Discord, Zoom
Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? I like to record sessions on zoom, but purely as session notes. Not only what but how people do and say things can trigger ideas, and I like to capture that to go back and reignite ideas for future sessions.

Roleplay & Combat mix: heavy roleplay, I try to throw in a satisfactory number of combats.
Number of Players in game & needed: Have 1, will take up to 6
Character starting level & equipment: Starting somewhere around level 3-5 (player votes in session 0). In addition to normal starting gear, everyone gets one common magic item and one uncommon magic item.
Character restrictions: Only two limitations: 1) It must be from the Players Handbook, SCAG, VGtM, XGtE, or MToF 2) There is a list of about 10 races to choose from which I'll list later.

Scenario: The New Dawn of Arcana

The world was in a tense cold war, none were willing to make the first move. In an arms race to outmaneuver the others, some nations began dabbling in the forbidden arts of arcane magic, specifically in necromancy. As undead armies began to take form, the stagnant peace was broken and the continent was plunged into war. Realizing their mistakes too late, the wars quickly turned from nation against nation into the living against the undead. To prevent anther collapse of civilization, heroes must be sought out wherever they may be found. You are one of these heroes, a symbol of hope for people of all nations and walks of life. Success means potentially turning the tides of the war against the undead, and maybe even breaking the bitter feelings people have had towards arcane casters for over a millennia.

Join this campaign in a custom world overflowing with undead. Play as epic heroes as you fight against evil and injustice brought on by a series of classic villain archetypes.

November 3rd, 2020, 13:12
We have one player currently eagerly awaiting more to join. I have recently expanded to other sites to seek interest, so it is more likely the spots will fill up quicker now!