View Full Version : looking for a paid gm

October 21st, 2020, 23:33
A friend and I are looking for a gm to run a long term game either dnd 5e or pf2e. Both of us have played and dm'd 5e, but have never played pathfinder 2e. We would like to try pathfinder but if we find a good gm will happily play 5e. We are new to fantasy grounds as well, so we may be a little slow at first but should catch on quickly. With work and everything we are only able to play once a moth. it will have to be on Sunday. We are also looking for other players that might want to join. We would like someone that has ran several games, modules homebrew a mix we aren't picky as long as it's a fun time. If you are interested please respond or message with what you would charge for each session, how long/how many games you have run and a quick synopsis of the homebrew you would like to run or what module you would like to play. neither of us have played any modules except curse of Strahd but would still like to play that one too it is fun. also if you have a limit on how many players you would like to have let us know. there are 2 of us but we maybe able to get 1 or 2 more people depending on schedules.

Any players wanting to join fill free to post on here and we will keep you informed on what we are doing each step of the way. If you have a preference on what system or whether you want to play a module or homebrew please list that so we can let you know if we choose different and you can decide if you still want to play.