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October 21st, 2020, 02:31


My name is Jason. I have really wanted to try DMing and help bring newer players into the worlds best RPG. I've played D&D since the 3.5e days and picked up 5E for the last year, but I've never tried to DM.
I plan to run 3 different modules- Sunless Citadel, Forge of Fury and Red Hand of Doom. The group should be consistent to play through all 3 modules from level 1-15.
The only charge I will assess is a $10 total per player. This is only to recoup the cost of buying the materials online.
I'm looking to get a group of older players together, so please be at least 25 y/o.

Please if you are interested answer the following 5 items:


D&D experience:

What are you looking for from me as a DM:

What interests you about the game:

Discord Name:


Player Requirements:

Looking for 4-6 players that can meet all requirements
Consistent player. Exceptions for very important events and emergencies, of course
25 years or older
Able to play Wednesdays 7PM CDT (GMT-5 Timezone Converter)
No license required DM has FGU
An active Discord account Discord Server
An operational Microphone
At least a novice level understanding of D&D 5th Edition rules

Campaign Details

Campaign will start November 4th
There will be a session 0 (for PC creation and background story)
Starting Level 1
Long term campaign. Approximately 1 year; with weekly sessions
The game Arc will consist of starting with Sunless Citadel which will transition into Forge of Fury and then into one of my favorite modules from 3.5e - Red Hand of Doom(5E of course)
Roleplay, combat, and exploration will be featured pretty evenly. Though some sessions may lean heavier into any of the three

Cost Info

Small charge of $10 to help with materials. This will cover the whole game from level 1-15.

GM Info/Resources

Fun is paramount. Some moments will be more serious, but most will be very lighthearted
Started playing in early 3.5e
This will be my first DM experience on Fantasy Grounds.
Forgiving of new player habits/quirks and expect the same in return
Very new to Fantasy Grounds and DMing. Any advice or tips welcome
Dark & grim fantasy style with some adult themes.

D&D 5E Resources
-Player's Handbook
-Dungeon Master's Guide
-Monster Manual
-Volo's Guide to Monsters
-Xanathar's Guide to Everything
-Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

D&D 5E 3rd Party Resources
-The Complete Armorer's Handbook - Weapon and Armor Upgrade System

Steeltown Riot
October 23rd, 2020, 01:24
Well met!

Name: John

D&D experience: I've been playing and DMing for over 20 years starting back in AD&D through 3.5. I recently got back into the game with 5E and have played a few sessions on Roll20 and am running LMoP with my family at the table.

What are you looking for from me as a DM: I am looking for a fun experience. I have mostly played in the theater of the mind, so anything above and beyond that is gravy. As long as the focus is on fun, the characters are engaging, and you don't view yourself as working against the party, I am in.

What interests you about the game: I love the way it includes the escapism of a good book with socialization.

Discord Name: Steeltown Riot

October 25th, 2020, 00:08
Howdy all, I’m interested in joining the group, and fair to say I exceed the 25yo by a significant amount. :)

I’ll DM my details.

Steeltown Riot
October 28th, 2020, 14:51
Good morning Jason. If the post is closed, does that mean you've rounded up the players you want? Thanks.


November 30th, 2020, 15:15

November 30th, 2020, 18:47
Name: Kyle

D&D experience: Started playing at 9 yrs old, in 1977

What are you looking for from me as a DM: Flexibility, fun, a sense of humor, fun, patience and fun.

What interests you about the game: The world is rich in escapist potential. I can make a character that is my inner child, and play to be a hero.

Discord Name:PsyborgFactory#3519

I would really love to be a part of your adventures.