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October 16th, 2020, 18:41
Hello all,

I have some empty days and times on my calendar which are in need of games! If anyone is in need of a player for a new, long term campaign OR one which is ongoing (I don't mind joining a campaign late, if I'm on even footing), then please do consider me as an option. I'm an active member of the VTT community who often streams games to demonstrate how accessible our hobby is to disabled/chronically ill gamers like myself. I don't have to stream to enjoy a game and never do without the permission of all, but I regularly do so for many GMs' tables!

Can't deny that I do enjoy a bit of mechanics crunch, but it's usually aimed at getting my abilities in sync with what I envision role-playing. I'd say my number one preference there, at least with D&D, is starting at level 3+ so that we all have our subclasses and thus roles better defined. However, the story is always first for me and long campaigns are preferred. I enjoy watching my character's history truly unfold over the longer term, as well as the evolution of my fellow players' characters, and seeing how the party rapport shapes up.

D&D is the obvious and easiest preference, with Forgotten Realms being my favorite campaign setting for 25+ years of playing.That said, I am certainly open to considering other campaigns. As stated prior, I do not mind joining games in progress as long as I start off on equal footing (levels/wealth). I'm also at least willing to hear offers for other systems, a few of which I may know (I was more diverse years ago!), but no promises. :)

Think I might sound like a potentially good player for your group? Great! I don't mind paying a reasonable fee for games because I am a professional GM, myself. This does mean that I have odd times to fill, though. I normally play within the spans of 1-6pm EST and 7-11pm (12am if extra is necessary) PM EST. Here's what I have open:

Mondays: 1pm-6pm EST

Thursdays: 1pm-6pm EST, 7pm-11pm (12am if necessary) EST

Fridays: 7:30pm-11pm (12am if necessary) EST

Please feel free to send me a PM here detailing your campaign and which day/time you can offer a spot for, as well as your price, and I'll get back to you! For a likely faster response, you can DM me on Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725

Thank you!

Summary Info

Licenses: FGU Ultimate, FGC Demo
Experience: 25+ years, since first discovering AD&D at the public library!
Availability: Mondays 1pm-6pm EST, Fridays 7:30pm-11pm (12am if necessary) EST, Saturdays 7pm-11pm EST (12am EST if necessary)
Seeking: I'd like to join long term or ongoing campaigns, even they're ongoing (so long as I start on even footing), and to stay with it every week for the long term. I'm committed, love role-play, and I'm creative enough to fill niches as the party may need when I arrive.
Paying: Name your price, and I'll let you know if I can manage it, but most Fantasy Grounds games I've been offered have charged me $10-$15 weekly or discounted for a month upfront. I charge similarly for my own games.
Contact: You can PM me here, or more preferably, DM me via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 - you're likely to get a faster reply!

October 17th, 2020, 19:28
Still looking on these, with updated dates and times for my openings! Please feel free to PM or DM via Discord! :)