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October 14th, 2020, 02:46
My name is Jim Mills, I am a game designer and professional game master. I've opened up slots for a paid campaign available to my higher tiered patrons on Patreon. It is available through the $20 option which equates to $10 per session plus free access to the products that I create.

Sign up here (http://patreon.com/thearcanistsrefuge) by selecting the CR 20 tier, other tiers do not have access to this campaign.
(link leads to patreon.com)


FG License: FG Classic Ultimate, players only need demo

Game System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e


Planned Duration & Frequency: Every other Tuesday at 6pm. Start date TBD. Session will last for 2 to 4 hours.

Time Zone: Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Text or Voice: Voice through my official Discord Server. You will be given access automatically upon signing up. The server is boosted so sound should maintain a high quality.


Character Starting Level: This will be determined by the players through a poll on the Patreon.

Character Restrictions: You use any official material, Unerathed Arcana, material that I have published or released as playtest, or DM approved homebrew. I want you play what YOU want.

Number of Slots: I will be accepting up to 5 players for this game. If there are only 1 or 2 folks who sign up, I will ask personal friends to fill the space until more people sign up. I want to ensure that you get a good game regardless of who is signed up.

Adventure: This is up to the players, as I will post a poll for you to decide on Patreon. Currently, the options are between Curse of Strahd, Rime of the Frost Maiden (when it is released), a homebrew Theros campaign, a completely homebrew campaign in my own setting, or a hardcore survival campaign in any setting. I am flexible on elements and setting. I want the players to play a game they are excited about.


The players: I am willing to take anyone from any experience level, background, or location so long as you can show up to the game at the specified time and can follow the guidelines. The game will be played in English.

Age range: Adults only please.

Guidelines: Please just respect each other. Don't bring up controversial topics during game time. I do withhold to right to cut player that do not adhere to this.