View Full Version : Found a bug FG2 - Naming Tabs Empties Images from Tab

May 9th, 2007, 03:39
In the Images window, add a new group (ribbon/tab whatever it's called) and drag some images into the new group. Now type some text in the chat bar and drag it on top of the ribbon to label it. Save your campaign. Switch to another ribbon and then switch back to the one you just named. The pictures inside get blanked out... simply not there!

Now close down FG2 and restart it. Sometimes at this point FG2 crashes. Restart again. Access the Images window. Sometimes the images are all under the default location. This is happening in 2.0.10.


May 10th, 2007, 07:08
In testing this bug, I may have found another bug or is related to this bug. To replicate:
1. Create new map within FG2 and call it test_map1
2. Expand the size of the map and place tokens on expanded portion of the map.
3. Close test_map1.
4. Create a new map called test_map2.
5. Draw some random lines within the test_map2.
6. Open test_map1 and what you have drawn in test_map2 is now in the test_map1 and test_map1 is not expanded anymore.
7. If you expand the test_map1 the same as you did in step 2, the tokens are still there.

So the bug is in step 6, in that stuff you draw in one "user" maps will show up on previous "user" maps and you lose the expanded portion of a user map if a new user map is created.