View Full Version : [LFG][PAID] Seeking Weekly Game Thursdays 1pm-5pm (6pm possible) - Ongoing/Long Term!

October 8th, 2020, 03:53
Hello all,

I'm looking for a game during the span of 1pm-5pm (with 6pm not preferable but possible if the session needs a bit of extra time) on Thursdays, with a weekly schedule. D&D in any version is an obvious and readily available favorite of mine, Forgotten Realms in particular. However, I really do enjoy long term games, and I don't mind joining ones which have started already - even a while back - if I begin on even footing with the other PCs and have my niche in the group. That said, I'm not necessarily limited to D&D! I enjoy my general sci-fi/fantasy geekiness. Mostly safe for work preferred, with fantasy violence being an exception (kind of a given with this kind of game).

I am a committed player where it concerns long haul, even indefinite campaigns wherein I have my unique contribution to the group. It's very enjoyable for me to see the interactions between the characters and how they change over time during their ascent to great things. If playing D&D, I'm a bit burnt on the very lowest levels and prefer to start with at least 3rd, if not higher. Flexible creation options without all UA automatically out is a plus.

With all of that out of the way, I hope that I might join you as soon as tomorrow, if I hear from you tonight with enough time to make a PC! I'm a professional GM myself and do not mind paying for a committed GM and group. This said, I also offer GMs streams of their campaigns for publicity on my charitable channel for disabled gamers, in exchange for a seat at the table. It's not required but the option is there for you, and I have some really fantastic GMs as both gamers and people!

Do you think you have a campaign which might work for me, and which suits both my hours and my wants? If so, contact me tonight and I'll try to get to creation before bed! Note that 5pm is my ending time preference and 6pm is absolute, as I have a night campaign. Feel free to reach me via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 for a quicker conversation and decision! Thanks!

October 8th, 2020, 12:37
Bump! Still interested if anyone has a seat at their table to fill my days 1-5pm/6pm EST. Should you by chance need a player within that range, then I am committed and quite pleased to hear from you about the possibilities! Please refer to my original post for exact details, and either DM me at Legacy Ark Games#0725 (fastest reply) or send me a PM.

As of this writing, it's still not too late to get a character made for today. I look forward to hearing from you!