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May 7th, 2007, 20:31
After a few sessions witht he final version, I'd like to make a couple suggestions that would make a huge difference to players for when buffs (especially multiple buffs) are applied to them:

1. Add a toggle that lets you auto-apply your STR mod to the damage mod box for a weapon. It could be a simple as a 4-position toggle (none/.5/1/1.5).

2. Add a feature that allows you to track changes that you've made on the fly to a score. I'm thinking allowing a couple of different versions of the "bubbles" that appear when you manually mod a box. Perhaps if you hold the Shift key when you use your scroll wheel, it would add a yellow bubble, when you hold alt you get a green one, ctrl a blue one and so on. You could then add a button to the states line in the combat tracker that cycles through the available colors (click to change from white to yellow to blue to red, etc) to allow a quick reference to what each buff did what and how long it has left. Ideally, you'd even be able to delete a state and have it clear all mods of that color, but that's wishful thinking.

Just my opinion, but after having to deal with multiple buffs multiple times this weekend, having these changes would make life a lot simpler, especially at higher levels.

Moon Wizard
May 8th, 2007, 05:48
Klooge.Werks has a nice feature that allows you to define tokens for each field in the ruleset definition. Then, you can simply include the token (and calculations) in another field, and Klooge will automatically calculate the final value based on the token field.

This is a very useful feature, and it allows all the rolls to be linked to the character's attributes.

There is also a feature called effects, that allows you to apply temporary modifiers to fields to handle all sorts of things (shaken, panicked, power attack, expertise, rage, spell effects, ...).

With these 2 things, I have been able to greatly speed up modifications in-game.

Of course, I still keep an eye on Fantasy Grounds, and I have a license; because I think that the features that have been implemented in Fantasy Grounds are much smoother.