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September 30th, 2020, 19:28
Hello all,

I have an empty Wednesday on my hands at present and, being homebound due to physical disability, I can attest that empty days are quite unwelcome! While I understand that it's short notice, I'd be interested in joining a game at some time today (Wednesday, 9/30). D&D 2E through 5E is obviously best and likely most available, with ongoing/long term games and Forgotten Realms being my favorite as established settings go. However, I'm willing to consider anything in terms of setting and system, and will pay for my seat at the table as offered. My time blocks would be 2pm-6pm, or 7pm-11pm EST, with some flexibility on extending the end time.

I've got no issue with joining ongoing games and even filling a needed class or role in your campaign, as occupying the needed niche is one of my favorite things to do!

If streaming is permissible, then I would appreciate the chance to stream your game on my YouTube channel, which supports chronically ill/disabled gamers. It's a non-monetized channel and your video, in addition to an overlay and video to publicize you as a professional GM, serves to introduce the accessibility and social aspect of virtual tabletop games to the disabled and homebound. Many GMs trade this streaming and publicity for granting me a seat at their table, and that choice is entirely up to you!

I hope to hear from you today and fill some of these empty hours! PMing me here is fine, but you're likelier to get a much faster reply by DMIng me on Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 - Thank you!

Summary Details

License: Fantasy Grounds Unity Ultimate, Classic Demo
Availability: Wednesday (today) 2pm-6pm EST, or 8pm-11pm EST, ongoing weekly
Seeking: Anything available today will be considered, and I am willing to commit as an ongoing player even with an indefinite and long term campaign (my favorite kind)! D&D 2E through 5E are the obvious and easiest choices, with the Forgotten Realms being my favorite existing setting, but I'll at least consider any offered game. I'm also pleased to join an ongoing game and fill a needed role in your campaign, occupying needed niches being one of my favorite things to do.
Voice/Video: Available on Discord via voice and ready to roleplay! No video.
Contact: You may PM me on the forums, but my preference would be to receive DMs via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 - you're likelier to get a much quicker reply there.

Thank you, and hope to hear from you!

September 30th, 2020, 21:54
Still looking! Drop me a line via Discord if you have a game I might join in on happening tonight, and you'll have a committed player! :)

October 2nd, 2020, 02:20
Once again, I find myself with an empty evening and am looking for a game tonight, Thursday 10/1! If you have flexible character options and the ability to fit me in at the last minute, I'm a committed player looking for a long campaign. I don't mind finding my place in the group with an ongoing game. Please DM me at will via Discord, username Legacy Ark Games#0725 !

October 2nd, 2020, 19:03
And once again, available to be invited for games 7pm-12am EST tonight, Friday 10/2! Just drop me a DM via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 with your game's concept and your price, and we can talk! :)

October 2nd, 2020, 23:35
Still on the lookout for tonight at the last minute! See the messages above! I had a game and thus wasted most of the afternoon I could've been looking on a GM who flipped and kicked everyone over a misunderstanding. Gah.