View Full Version : Request Token scaling does not change when lifted from the map

May 6th, 2007, 23:03
I would like to put in a request that when you lift a token from the map it stays scaled to the map. If the map grid is a good deal smaller than the token, when the token is lifted it gets huge and it is hard to place the tokens in the right place, particularly top down tokens on a map without the build in grid.

We did some token dancing today with people moving and dropping tokens in the wrong places and on top of each other which caused people to pick them up again to try to get them in the right square. The squares were about the half the scale of the token when lifted and we were fighting in very tight quarters.

One thing I think might be a bug - is that the tokens also changed facing when lifted and would revert to the correct facing when put back down on the map.

Sir Bayard
May 7th, 2007, 01:42
I comepletely second this request. In the campaign I'm in, sometimes it is wuite difficult to have to "look through" the enlarged token and try and get it to fit in the proper square. I know it's transparent, but that doesn't really help all that much. It'd be nice if it remained scaled.

The High Druid
May 7th, 2007, 02:03
And still facing the same direction, but that's just a minor cosmetic thing.

Edit: Bah I should learn to read things properly since Griogre already mentioned this, but my excuse is it's 0200 here right now!

May 7th, 2007, 23:30
I'm glad to see that I am not alone on this one. I was preparing to write this request myself when I came across this post. The main reason I do not want the tokens to resize and go to the default rotation is because I have several puzzles that I have in some modules that the players had to put together. One was a broken pottery bowl that when put together had magical powers. Anyway, in FG1 when they went to put the puzzle pieces together FG would lock up constantly. The good news was in FG2 it didn't lock up once, but it took them about 10 times longer to put it together because every time they picked up a piece it scaled to the default value and rotation. Could this be made so that if you hold down a key when picking up a token it would stay the same size and direction?

May 8th, 2007, 18:57
I, um, fifth this request :D

May 8th, 2007, 22:18
Isn't this fixed in the newest patch, havent had a chance to test it at home yet though?

May 8th, 2007, 22:24
Just fixed in 2.0.10. :)