View Full Version : Useful cantrips for a Sea Sorcadin?

September 26th, 2020, 15:50
I'm running a Paladin in a campaign at the moment and our party has found it's massively lacking in magic. We're quite early on in the campaign, so picking up sorcerer to buff out spell slots and fill the magic gap seems only logical.My character is a Hellenic, hoplite-style sailor, sworn to deep Sashelas and as a result I'll be taking Sea Sorcery as my subclass. This is partly thematic, and I realise it's not the meta pick, but I fully expect water breathing and swim speed to come in very useful in this campaign.

I'll probably go 6/14 Pld/Sorc, but I might pick up a couple of levels of fighter too, later on.

This is my first true caster, however, so I'm looking for any advice on cantrips which will synergise well with Curse of the Sea and/or the Paladin skillset. (https://100001.onl/) (https://1921681254.mx/)

Thanks in advance!

September 26th, 2020, 18:34
Good Day lukahils2 :)
I might be incorrect, but if you are talking about a Paladin/Sorcerer build, I believe you are speaking about a different edition of D&D, perhaps 5E? This is section is for the more Classic versions of D&D. :)