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September 22nd, 2020, 19:28
Since ICRPG now has its own sub-forum now it makes sense to try and keep all this in one place. Here's a few extensions I created to go along with the Index Card RPG ruleset to enable play with the varied settings within the rules.

Instructions on how to install extensions: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/wiki/index.php/Data_Files_Overview#Extensions

Altered State
The Altered State extension supports the cyberpunk setting created for Index Card RPG. It adds and modifies the types of effort in the game, adds surge and rage dice, and adds enhancements/cybernetics as a new type of item.

Damage Soak
This extension modifies the way PC armor works to support Blood & Snow gameplay, where armor is expended to reduce incoming damage, rather than as the target enemies must roll to hit you.

Effort Override
Allows players to override the default dice associated with a type of effort. Want to roll a D8 for your weapon effort, or a d4 for your magic? This extension allows you to do that by right-clicking on the effort you want to change on the PC sheet, and selecting the die you want to use. Developed to support Bastard Sword (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/329934/Bastard-Sword-for-ICRPG?term=bastard+sword).

Quickstart 2e
Small modification to add Gun effort and move Magic effort to a d10, in line with the Quickstart 2e (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/221038/INDEX-CARD-RPG-Free-Quickstart?term=ICRPG+quick).

All suggestions for other extensions, bug reports, and feedback can live in this thread

UPDATE: I've updated all of the extension to keep them up to date with the Feb 2021 update to CoreRPG