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September 21st, 2020, 11:38
I'm reading that particular rule, as discussed on Page 169 for the Keeper's Rulebook, and I am having trouble understanding it. If someone could provide an alternative explanation to those rules as they are that'd be appreciated, as the wording as is has caught me confused.

Not to mention, is there anywhere in the book that cites average prices for institutions, therapists, etcetera?

September 21st, 2020, 11:50
Getting Used to the Awfulness rule is simple - there are limits of sanity points that an investigator can suffer from single type of creature. This is to prevent instant madness from seeing the antagonist over and over or dozens of the same creature type at once. The example is very clear: For instance, no investigator could lose more than 6 Sanity points for encountering deep ones (0/1D6 SAN), even if a hundred of them were seen at once.

This means that if you run an adventure that involves Deep Ones, each investigator can lose up to 6 sanity until the adventure is over and up to the GM if this will remain the case afterwards. As stated in the example below, seeing the same horrible things after a while will spark the old troubling memories and more sanity damage can be caused.

But be warned! Investigators never truly get used to seeing alien obscenities. After a time, perhaps once the investigator’s life has returned to some form of normalcy, the sense of horror can rise up anew.

There are prices of various things for modern and 1920 setting in Chapter 10 in Investigator Handbook. No specific for institutions. Google is very good source to find the price in modern times and also in the past.

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September 21st, 2020, 15:43
Example: Ripley in Aliens. She'd already had the crazy from the Alien in Alien, so now she just knows she doesn't want to see another, but she won't be as effected by the alien but more clear headed then the Colonial Marines who are going to have a hard time dealing with the fact it's not just another bug hunt.

While not specifically exact information, you can translate based on inflation using a number of websites. You can google 'cost difference 1920' and it will bring up an array of inflation calculators.