View Full Version : Suggestion : Encounter Tracking

September 21st, 2020, 04:26
I do not have the coding skills to pull anything of this sort off, but would it be feasible to......

Add a tab on the character sheet that is just a list of blank lines, with a numerical value next to each? As each investigator encounters a creature, they should be able to type the name in (or the Keeper can type the name in) and then the amount of sanity lost to that creature can be tracked. That tracking number can only be incremented, not reduced. Then offer the Keeper a button that would automagically reduce every line on every active character in the party sheet by one. Right now the only option is to open a notes tab, or manually do all this by hand. This would be a great time saver.

September 21st, 2020, 11:54
You can use Strange Encounter box on the personal type, this is the purpose of it. It is expanded depending on the amount of text you have. We record the Sanity suffered in () next to the creature's name. Having dedicated tab and automation seems a bit overkill. What you propose should be linked with the party sheet functionality to have unified view for the keeper and ablity to reset things.