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September 20th, 2020, 13:14
I am looking to start a First Edition Pathfinder Paid Campaign. I am looking for 4+ players. I have run Adventure paths, custom campaigns in player made worlds, freeform sandbox campaigns and evil character campaigns. I have been playing & GM-ing Pathfinder for 8 years. I play a bit fast and free with the rules to keep things going. If I'm unsure I won't stop to scour the rules to make sure, I'll make a quick ruling for the time, and look it up later when I have time. This allows the game to proceed quickly and the players don't have to wait as much. I don't tolerate player trolling (ie the rogue stealing from the party, wizard giving the summoner a scroll of explosive runes without telling them,etc). I expect players to know what their characters can do, and what is all involved with their actions (though I will gladly take time on off days to teach/coach/help in general). I will take any players, but I will operate on a 3 strike system for toxic players, and i will give advice on how to avoid this as well.

Platforms: I do not currently have a license, but once the group is set up and ready I will have the Ultimate license so free players are welcome.
Communications: I will try to set up Discord for voice.
Time: TBD, though from previous interest it will likely be wednesday evenings. This will be subject to player input.
Campaign:This will be up to the players as well.
Price: As this is my first paid campaign I will ask the players what they will feel comfortable paying.
Character creation: 25 point buy, or best 3/4 d6 rolled 7 times drop the lowest. Any alignment (but attitude is a bit limited see below note on alignments). Any race (though some may come with character adjustments). As stated above, no trolling/PVP characters. 1 bonus feat at 1st level. 2 traits and extra traits for flaws (plus campaign traits if using adventure path).
Sources: Use anything on d20pfsrd.com and aonprd.com, 3rd party content needs approval (but very little will be refused, I like epic player characters).
House rules: Oregon Trail travel (encounter tables); HP rolls on level up are roll twice take better; downtime re-training available; rounding/ties are in player favour;
Optional rules(player decision): Massive Damage (though tweeked to scale with HD and max hp not a flat 50+), Kingdom Building, called shots, hero points, mythic ruleset, skill unlocks, epic levels,

Currently Interested players[1]: Marcus Arabela

Alignments: I don't see alignments as fences, but rather as mentors. A good character doesn't have to help everyone and give away all their money, but neither should an evil character try to kill every living thing. the following is my guide to alignment while playing;
Good to Evil scale represents how selfless to selfish your character is. An evil character can help the needy, especially if they think they can extort the helped or gain a band of followers. A good character can steal or murder or torture, if they think it will help the greater good. Etc.
Lawful to Chaotic represents how rigid a character is. A lawful character is more consistent, but doesn't necessarily follow the rules or laws. a chaotic character doesn't sow discord at every turn, they simply adapt their views to the situation.
I hope that my players will use this guide for their characters as it will allow for more flexible and playable characters, and will help prevent player conflicts.

A little about me:
32 year old Male Canadian. Fun loving joker. Sarcastic. Forgetful(if it seems like something is off, I may have forgotten something, just gently remind me and I'll usually ret-con it). I don't GM with intent to kill players, but I also don't save them, I just let things happen as they happen, and I'll adjust to keep things interesting (sometimes on the fly).

If you are interested, post with the following:
Your Fantasy grounds license (free/standard/ultimate)
Experience with Discord & Fantasy Grounds
Experience with Pathfinder 1e and tabletop RPG's in general
Preferred campaign type (professionally built Adventure path, Custom/amateur campaign, mix and match short modules without over arcing plot, Sandbox build as I go campaign)
Acceptable price range (I will not just use the highest amount offered, it is for figuring out a fair price)
Which optional rules you would like (and requests)
If you know what kind of player you are (see http://www.darkshire.net/jhkim/rpg/theory/models/robinslaws.html)

I feel Like I've forgotten some things(as I mentioned a bit forgetful) so maybe if you do post here/are interested, check in every now and then for edits.

Marcus Arabela
September 22nd, 2020, 23:06
Your Fantasy grounds license: Fantasy Grounds Unity Standard

Experience with Discord & Fantasy Grounds: I'm just starting out using FGU Standard, and used FG Classic some, but only a few months last year. Have more time now, so ready to give it a try.

Experience with D&D 5e and tabletop RPG's in general: First time with 5e, but have played up to 3.5e, plus Twilight 2000, 2300AD, and Traveller Classic. Also Warhammer RPG.

Preferred campaign type: I'm open for any type you are comfortable with. I love Forgotten Realms, have wanted to try HârnWorld, Conan is interesting to me, along with several others. Professionally designed campaign settings have so much support for a DM and group to build on, but I've played in several DM/Game Master created campaigns that were very fun.

Timeslot/availability: I'm fairly flexible for day of week. Time frame would be best as 6pm to 10pm weekdays, 3 or 4 hours on weekend days if every weekend, or several hours if every other weekend. I'm located in the Central Time Zone along the Mississippi River.

Acceptable price range: $10.00 would be good, but would depend too on how many are interested and what kind of campaign setting. I don't remember if the campaign materials for Fantasy Grounds need to be purchased by the whole group or only the game master/DM? If only the DM needs purchase those, it seems reasonable to charge more to compensate/support the DM for his purchase. With enough of a group, $5.00 might be reasonable.

Which optional rules you would like (and requests): None that I can think of at the moment. Open to suggestions and will go with what the group likes.

If you know what kind of player you are (see Player Types from Robin D. Laws (http://www.darkshire.net/jhkim/rpg/theory/models/robinslaws.html)): The Specialist or Method Actor are probably my preferred player types.

I've replied to your post in the D&D 5e section too. I'm open for trying both. I've looked at but not tried Pathfinder 1e before, but would love to try.