View Full Version : [LFG][Paid] Adventure with Opening Tonight? Available 8pm through 12am EST!

September 18th, 2020, 00:25
Hi all,

So, disability is a bore and I find myself with something of an empty night. What's more, I'm looking for a game to play on Thursday evenings regardless! Whether it's a guest seat for tonight or an offer for an ongoing spot, would you take mercy upon this kind soul and invite me to your gaming table? I'm easy to get along with, friendly, and quick enough about creating characters who will mesh well with your group (as I'd need to be when my starting availability is an hour away!).

I'm a little short on cash at the moment, as I've been paying quite a bit to set up the introduction of virtual tabletop gaming on my YouTube channel, which supports disabled/chronically ill gamers. Really looking forward to it and hoping that it introduces some other souls in need of socialization to a new kind of gaming venue! Unfortunately, it has left me a bit wanting for cash. I can offer $10 a session right at this moment, if that suits you.

D&D 5E would be the swiftest to set up a character with, but I go all the way back to AD&D 2E and have the modules! Whatever you're GMing, I'm probably okay for it, preferring Forgotten Realms as a setting but not insisting. My party preference is just a friendly group that tends on the Safe for Work level of content in company and in the campaign content.

Thanks, and hope to join your game starting today - maybe even with an ongoing stay into the epic levels, if that's what you're doing!

Summary Info

FG License: Classic Demo, Unity Ultimate
Experience: AD&D2E-3.5E and 5E, dedicated for over twenty years.
Availability: Looking for something 8pm-12am or so tonight, totally willing to commit to this spot for your module or even an ongoing group into the epic levels.
Content Preference: Mostly Safe For Work (we all let the f-bomb slip at that bad roll, I get it)
Paying: $10/session, flexible - willing to stream you with my upcoming VTT introductory festival if seated charitably, hopefully getting you some publicity!
Contact: Best reached via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725, PMs here on the forums are often noticed late.

September 18th, 2020, 19:11
This offer continues into today, Friday! Have an opening at your table? Please give me a shout! :)

September 25th, 2020, 04:27
So, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday nights have open spots (this approaching Sunday included) if you'd like to join the streamathon with a game! I offer prominent advertising in the overlay and video information both, providing your GM name and contact information of choice. GM your (fantasy violence aside) safe for work game, help out Legacy Ark Games' good cause of introducing disabled/chronically ill gamers to virtual tabletop, and will be streamed (FG and voice only, no video, if all players consent) for however long your campaign goes on - even if that's well beyond the module. Times for these spots are all 7pm-12am EST, anywhere therein! I favor Forgotten Realms, but if you're running a different setting or system, it can't hurt to ask.

Interested? Just drop me a DM! Once a spot fills, it probably will for weeks, and I can only do two sessions a day. I'd be glad to hear from you! For fastest reply, send a DM via Discord to Legacy Ark Games#0725.