View Full Version : Update available (2.0.7 / d20 build 7)

May 2nd, 2007, 16:06
Version 2.0.7

Fixed a crash bug related to empty hot key bar slots
Fixed a bug occasionally causing token field values not to save properly
Tabs created from modules are now automatically removed when the module is unloaded if the tab is empty
Fixed a clipping bug affecting text widgets
Fixed an issue causing bad formatting in formatted text controls, affecting link paragraphs as the first element
Fixed a bug causing <importinfo> tags to be parsed incorrectly, custom rulesets should now be able to properly import the d20 modules.d20 ruleset build 7

Fixed an issue in local mode causing die result slots to be reset when dice were dropped on them
Fixed module exporting to properly handle category tabs
Added a merge id field to the /export interface. Using this field will allow grouping the contents of several different modules into a common set of tabs.
Fixed the scrollers in the module list and the module export sheet
The name of the GM identity can now be changed using the "/gmid [name]" commandUpdated ruleset files