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September 10th, 2020, 11:11
A House Stands, falling into the overgrown forest surrounding it, with a terrible secret and a forgotten power waiting to be discovered. You are an investigator of the supernatural in the late 90s, and its up to you to ensure itís used correctly. But what does Correctly mean? It all depends on who you are; if youíre the only Magical Private Eye in Chicago, a recently turned vampire looking for a cure, or a mad scientist who just discovered how to make teleportation real, your plans for the power will differ, and if you all meet when your trying to obtain it, the results could be, explosive!

Experienced DM Looking for 3 - 4 Players for a campaign of crossed paths, intrigue, and terrible power. Run in the Fate System, with heavy inspirations from Dresden Files, the Alex Verus Series, and the supernatural genre of the late 1990s, this adventure pits individuals against each other in race to discover and then master a great and terrible power in a Haunted House just outside of town. Will you open a portal to another dimension? Will you con a Vampire into extinguishing his entire bloodline? Will you negotiate power and prestige from the ancient spirits in the woods? All these possibilities have spawned from the same original content over the course of 10 instances of this adventure, and I cannot wait for your group to come up with more! No homebrew will be denied, no character concept is too insane, preference given to those who apply with multiple persons already in existing group.

A few things about me:

I have been on both sides of the Storytelling(DM/GM) table for over 20 years now, and my passion for learning complex concepts and expressing human emotions is fulfilled by it in a way that nothing else satisfies. It is an itch, that I simply must scratch. Overtime I have found that I love introducing players to new systems as much as I love delving into their rich backstories. I do my best to engage all of my players equally through games, and develop the story in a way that becomes personal to everyone involved so everyone continues to have fun.

Behavior Disclaimer:- Sexist, racist, or otherwise offensive remarks and opinions being espoused, or offensive behavior towards other players at any point will result in ejection. More generally, don't be a creep. If you want to tell a story of self-destruction or painful experiences, let them be your characters. Dark is ok, offensive is not; if you are unsure where the line is, meditate on it somewhere else.

Cost: Session 0(Character Generation) is free, and Session 1 is Pay what you like after the game, and Session 2 forward is 15 Dollars per session paid in advance of the game.

A few thematic inspirations to help you get a feel for the world:
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel/Charmed/X-Files/Supernatural
- Dresden Files
- Alex Verus Series
- Shadowrun/World of Darkness/Mage the Ascension/Vampire the Masquerade(Concepts, not ruleset)

Please feel free to DM me or Post here for Discord information, and I would love to discuss character concepts.