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September 10th, 2020, 03:06
Hi all,

In my posts here seeking a group or the right GM for a solo game (or an established group to join), I've often mentioned that I host Legacy Ark Games, a YouTube Let's Play channel dedicated to supporting and spreading a positive message about disabled/chronically ill gamers. Recently, I've been trying to find just the right GM and group for a long haul campaign to the epic levels and perhaps beyond!

Well, after much effort, I'm still looking ... and now I have even more cause, as it's time for my channel to celebrate! We've crossed 3000 subscribers today and I'd love to stream my first session of a campaign as part of that. I'm grateful to SmiteWorks for having given some content to support this effort, in addition to other contributors who rounded out my AD&D 2E library. Now, to just add books for 5th!

Do you have an open seat at your table using any of the mentioned D&D rulesets? Preferably above 1st level? If the content is safe for work (I have to consider my viewers as a whole), then I'd love to hear from you! Not only would I stream my initial session, I'd certainly be there to stay all the way through said long haul if I click with the group. If I click with your group, I'd be happy to keep on streaming. Content for my good cause channel, publicity for you as a paid DM! This doesn't mean I'd stream every session - or even most, as monitoring the stream does distract a bit from simply enjoying the game - but I'd be happy to stream additional times if the GM and group wish.

Do you have something to offer, into which I might be welcomed in short order? A solo adventure is possible, but for purposes of streaming, a group needing someone to join the party might be more entertaining. VTT is very much something I feel would be accessible and safe for disabled/chronically ill gamers, as well as easily tailored in content to sensitivities, so I'd like to introduce campaign streams to the channel in addition to streaming PC games as I've done thus far.

If interested, please do feel free to reach out to me! I can be PM'd here, but unless I'm asleep, you'll get a much faster reply via Discord DM at Legacy Ark Games #0725

My availability is between 1pm-5pm EST and 8pm-12am EST, anywhere within those spans. Again, basically classic, safe for work high fantasy is the aim here for what my channel does. If you're open to having me, I'm more than open than paying within my means to have a seat at your table! Thanks!


Licenses: FGU Ultimate, FGC Demo
Systems Sought: AD&D 2E, D&D 3E-3.5E, D&D 5E
Availability: 1pm-5pm EST, or 8pm-12am EST, which block depending on the day.
Requested: A seat at the table with your post-1st level party for a long haul campaign together. Looking for a safe for work level group for streaming purposes. Looking to celebrate 3000 subscribers by at long last adding a VTT game, and my first session with your campaign could be the first VTT session streamed!
Contact Method: PM here, or more preferably DM at Legacy Ark Games#0725

September 10th, 2020, 20:09
Bump for interest! I'm around for DMs! :)