View Full Version : Mousewheel not Working in 2.06

May 2nd, 2007, 01:45
In previous versions I could use the mosuewheel to scroll up and down through a list, or zoom in and out on a map.

It doesn't seem to be doing that anymore.

May 2nd, 2007, 08:53
I am afraid that this is probably a problem on your side of things, it seems to work as it should on my computer. The question then becomes what drivers/mouse you are using?

May 2nd, 2007, 10:29
I'm using a microsfot mouse -- whatever basic drivers come with WinXp.

It used to work fine up to 2.05 -- only in 2.06 has it changed.

May 3rd, 2007, 20:22
Just a note to let you know that the mousewheel is working for me fine again under the new builds. Thanks!