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September 8th, 2020, 07:01
About the DM:

Started playing red box Basic D&D in 1986. DMed my first AD&D 1E campaign in 1988. Have been an enthusiast since the beginning and have bought in to each new edition.

FG Version:

FGC Ultimate and FGU Ultimate. No license needed by players.

VTT Addons:

All of Rob2E’s actions and effects along with the Syrinscape SuperSyrin subscription and Syrinscape sound triggers in game.

Every other Thursday 5pm-8pm GMT-4 (US Eastern) Starting September 24, 2020

Game System and Setting:
Default to 5E D&D set in the mid 1480s Forgotten Realms.

Campaign Details
The Thayan Guild of Foreign Trade needs the help of adventurers, mercenaries, craftsmen, and more. The city-state of Phlan survived the Shadowbane War unlike Zhentil Keep and other city-states on the after making a deal with dark fey forces of the Quivering Forest. The city survived many other trials but political infighting threatens to destroy the city from within.

Lord Protector Daoran of the city-state of Phlan has died with no heir to the throne. The people declared Knight Commander Brahms Lord Regent of the Cinnabar Throne. His first act was to declare martial law to crackdown on crime and political rivals. His mercenary company serves as his personal enforcers.

The city of Phlan descended into lawlessness. Trade has come almost completely to a standstill. The militia keep the people in line through fear. The thieves guild has lashed out at the trade guilds for raising prices and harming the people. The trade guilds vie against the thieves guild and the Lord Regent. Corrupt militia members shake down citizens for bribes while those accused of thievery are immediately hanged.

The Thayan Guild of Foreign Trade can no longer depend on authorities in Phlan to protect its exports from Mulmaster on the south shores of the Moonsea. You will navigate political intrigue between our import guild, the local trade guilds, the thieves guild, and the Lord Regent and his mercenary army. We need adventurers to protect our assets from thievery, extortion, and the general corruption that plagues Phlan. Do you assist the thieves guild with their steal from the rich and give to the poor antics? Do you help the Lord Regent crush the opposition? Do you help the local trade guilds overthrow the government and crush the thieves guild? Or do you find some other solution to the woes of the city and its populace.

The Thayan Guild of Foreign Trade will obtain the necessary adventuring charter/licenses in Mulmaster where you will prepare to set off for Phlan so you look official the moment your ship docks in port. Are you prepared to help the populace or will you put coin in your pocket first and leave the copper filings for the people?

More information can be found at the signup page: https://startplaying.games/solo-game/1599692061834x921284485106106400

$15 Per session via StartPlaying. This includes one biweekly live session with voice chat and the play by mail session the following week. You also get adventurers journals of each session to look back on in case you missed any clues and a living document campaign handout with all the NPCs and Forgotten Realms lore that may be useful to you that weren’t discussed during the live session. If interested signup at https://startplaying.games/solo-game/1599692061834x921284485106106400. We will conduct a Presession interview and next steps such as scheduling an official Session 0 from there. If you register you are making a payment and commitment to appear for Session 0 and Session 1. If you have any questions for the Presession prior to registration please PM me on the FG boards here.

Please PM on FG boards or join us on Discord at https://discord.gg/eGVR2mQ