View Full Version : Windowlist and textwidget problem in 2.0.6.

May 2nd, 2007, 00:35
I was in the process of working on a d20 modern ruleset for my group, and noticed a strange problem when I was tinkering with the weapons.

The problem:
It seems that if you add a textwidget to any part of the windowclass that acts as the item entries in a windowlist, the engine doesn't properly track masking on it.

... here's two screenshots of what I mean (since I managed to confuse myself with what I just said, I think...)


In this first shot, the five blue boxes there are genericcontrols with a textwidget added to them for the label (side note: they're made so that if you click on them, it allows you to set the value they control, but that's beside the point). The script for the textwidget was borrowed from the labeledstring template.

Now, the problem shows up if you scroll the windowlist...

The original parts of the windowclass get masked just fine when they reach the top, but the textwidgets persist until the entire windowclass has gone off the page (I'm assuming that the engine calls setVisible(false) on it at that point or possibly even close / destroy?).

- Use a flat graphic for it :(.
- Declare the label as a static string control instead of a text widget :cry:
- Write a function that manually calls setVisible on the widget when it goes off the screen (... though I'm not sure if you're capable of getting the offset of a windowclass that's part of a windowlist...)

It'd be simpler to ask if this is "working as intended" or if it's a bug, and then let Smiteworks deal with it if it is... :p
(j/k on that part)

Oh, and I know that the H&K PSG1 uses the 7.62 mm round with a 5-round clip... those values are just there for testing purposes... or me not having some of the graphics done... :o

May 3rd, 2007, 07:37
Fixed in 2.0.7. <3 the devs. :)

May 3rd, 2007, 13:43
The image looks as if the ruleset is going to be magnificent.

May 3rd, 2007, 21:36
The image looks as if the ruleset is going to be magnificent.

Thank you. :o

I'm hoping it'll be at least somewhat good.