View Full Version : [PAID] Player LFG D&D 5E Thursday nights 7-8PM till 10-11PM EST weekly

September 8th, 2020, 03:57
Hello all,

My RPG name is Delar and I am new to Fantasy Grounds but have been playing Dungeons and Dragons 5E in real-life for a 1 year and various other RPGs in one shots. Due to covid-19 in person gaming is on hold thus I have been looking into the online RPG and Fantasy Grounds.

I am looking to join a Thursday night starting at 7-8PM till 10-11PM EST gaming group that runs weekly. I reside in NY, USA Eastern Daylight Time Time zone (EST).

My preferred campaigns style would be "Adventure Path" but open to custom campaign, sandbox, etc. My player type would probably be "Casual Gamer" and enjoy role-playing my character.

I am currently using the v3.3.11 FREE version of Fantasy Grounds. My paid price range that I am willing to participate in is $1-$15 per session (depending on number of players participating).

Please let me know if anyone is running any games that I would fit into.

Best regard,
Delar (Jason)