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September 8th, 2020, 00:00
Hello all,

I'm on the lookout for a GM who might be interested in running a long term, ongoing game using one of two overarching themes I have in mind. I do this not only for fun, but for practice! My YouTube channel advocates for disabled and chronically ill gamers, and I'd really like to bring VTT to the channel as an accessible, safe, fresh kind of gaming which offers creative socialization. I won't be streaming this game, as it's for me (and maybe others you know who might like to tag along for the story's duration), but it benefits my cause a great deal to get my gaming legs back.

So, these are epic scale ideas, hence ongoing games. I'll just give quick summaries and you can tell me if you feel inspired to run either. I'm best familiar with AD&D 2E through 3.5E and SAGA on the Star Wars side. I've had a couple of 5E sessions, as it's not exactly my favored system, so I can't claim to be as knowledgeable there yet.

Forgotten Realms Idea: The character finds themselves face to face with a deity, and in that instant, their life changes. Now the god's Chosen, their agent in the Realms, they move across Faerun to serve their deity's cause and put a halt to a terrible menace. The fates of many hang in the balance, and indeed, perhaps the piece of deific power the adventurer now carries might one day see them to a divine state for their deeds. What adventures they might have beyond that hypothetical point, one can only imagine.

Star Wars Idea: The character, a relatively new Jedi Knight, is considered a prodigy by the Order with a powerful connection to the Force. They are pressed into service in the Clone Wars not long after they ascend from the ranks of the padawans. Patient and respectful of the Code, they nevertheless lead during a war they privately disapprove of, a constant source of internal conflict. The character's gifts and victories have won them the respect of the High Council, but also the attention of Darth Sidious, ever watchful for the next best opportunity in apprentices. Does this Knight cause his faith in Skywalker to waver? Will the Knight personally waver away from the code of the Light and become the next Dark Lord of the Sith under Palpatine's teachings, destined to carry out Order 66 and more, or will they maintain the ethics they were raised with and survive to fight during the age of rebellion?

If either interests you, please let me know! I would not be against other players you have joining my games, so long as I'm the only Chosen in the first or the only Force User in the second, but I otherwise have nobody to invite - making these solo adventures. If you don't like these ideas but you do enjoy my brand of creativity, please feel free to contact me even still if you'd like to offer me a seat at an existing table for a long term game. I don't mind being a late entry into the story, so long as I'm put on even footing!


Summary Info:

License: FG Unity Ultimate, Classic Demo
Availability: 1pm-6pm EST, OR 8pm to 12am EST, days varying as to which ones have which time block(s) open. Negotiable!
Rules System: AD&D 2E, D&D 3/3.5E, SAGA for Star Wars, maybe Pathfinder 1E
Rating: PG-ish with fantasy violence and the occasional curse at a bad roll. I prefer a very non-NSFW table, please.
Payment: You tell me! These are big ideas, and I expect you might charge accordingly, or maybe not. To set a realistic expectation, though, nobody's going to get rich off of my limited disability funds.
Voice: Discord
Contact: Preferably via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 - otherwise, PM here.