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May 1st, 2007, 19:50
The Spellbook is a huge improvement!

I love the possibility of keeping track of multiple disciplines and classes. Thanks.

Req. For wizard characters where every improvement is "Increased caster level" in arcane casting some of this takes up valuable screen real estate.

Wizard 3
Arcane PRC1
Arcane PRC2 = 3 classes but one spellbook
Clerics would benifit from this approach too becuase they could have one spellbook for primary casting spells and a second for domain spells.

Could it be made possible to delete the other spellbook entries and rename the first simply Spellbook? I don't see the books autoincrement by character level anyway so perhaps a create\delete dialogue? I imagine there are import\export considerations for the XML but it would be much nicer.

I can also see the common scenario where a character will have just 'Arcane' and 'Divine' as spellbooks.