View Full Version : Weapon Slot Change Request

May 1st, 2007, 19:59
I very much like the concept of the new weapon slots with their automatic dice throwing. But I would like for the character's to be able to annotate their to hit and damage mods further.

As an example currently the to hit mod would say +1 Long Sword and in a bubble [1d20 + 9].

I would like to be able to say is +1 Long Sword, BAB 5, St 3, Weap Focus 1, Pwr Atk -1 [1d20 + 9]

What I am suggesting that if the players do nothing the attacks work the current way. But if the player drags modifiers up to the weapon to hit boxes the modifiers would be annotated just like they had been dragged down to the mod box. In other words, each weapon to hit box would work like it's own mod box. I would also like the damage box for the weapon to work the same way.

Of course, this can be done with hot keys. That's how I make my player do it now. I have found that players with mid to higher level characters prefer to annotate their rolls because they have found that if they do so everyone in the party will help remind them of spell mods or other mods that they have forgotten.