View Full Version : {PAID} GM with 33 years Experience Looking to Run a Pathfinder 1E AP for newb or pros

September 3rd, 2020, 16:15
FG License: Ultimate
Game System: Pathfinder 1E

Time Zone: EST (-4) New York time
Day of week and time: Saturdays @ 3 PM EST
If new game, planned start date: October 3rd 2020
Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly
Term: Long-Term

Text or Voice: Voice
Voice software used: Discord
Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

Roleplay & Combat mix: Varies on what Players want, but typically 60% RP 40% Combat
Number of Players in game & needed: 0 in game, at least 4 needed, max of 6
Character starting level & equipment: Level 1, equipment purchased with max gold and no traits to make you richer.
Character restrictions: For character creation I ask for Classes and races be restricted to Core Rulebook and Advanced Players guide. Attributes are 25 point buy with no stat under 10 or over 16 BEFORE racial modifiers. This keeps level 1 players on an even keel to begin.

Details of your scenario: I am planning on Running a PAID Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition game, all the way through. I would prefer that if you have played this AP before PLEASE do NOT METAGAME. Let the dice fall where they may. I am very willing to take on people that have never played Pathfinder before and are looking to learn, and even people who have never played an RPG in their lives. I am a patient and caring teacher of both Pathfinder and of FG. This includes people under the age of 18 with parental permission.

My price is as follows: 10 US Dollars per person per session, Paid for through Paypal and due the Friday before the game at noon. I found that it has worked well letting one group member pay for all other members one week, then taking turns the next. If you have to drop from the game, I would like a three day notice before hand unless it is an absolute emergency. The fee, once paid, is non refundable unless a valid excuse for not showing up is given. You will get a full four hour session, as well as gaming tips, tips on how to be a better player, character creation help and tons of other stuff.

If interested please contact me on Discord at DarDarJinx#1144 Make sure the capitalization is correct.

This will not be the only paid game I run, if you want to request something, mention it.

Thank you for your interest, and I hope to hear from you very soon. Wear your masks indoors in public places and stay safe.


September 3rd, 2020, 21:15
Edit, saw to reach you on discord instead.

September 20th, 2020, 14:38
Bumping this, still looking for at least two more. Also available any time now for paid games for Traveler, PF2, Starfinder, and A few other more obscure systems.