View Full Version : [PAID] Player Seeks Long Term Game - AD&D2E/D&D3.5E/PF1E/Star WarsD6, SAGA, FFG

August 31st, 2020, 05:02
FG License: Unity Ultimate
Time Zone: EST (US)
When: Wednesdays or Sundays, from 1pm EST to 6pm EST
Term: Hoping for a long term solo game and/or a seat at the table with a group, aiming to stick together into the high levels either way!
Voice: Discord
Rule System: AD&D 2E / D&D 3.5E / PF1E / Star Wars D6, SAGA, or FFG (not so big on FFG), other options possible!
Experience: GM'd and played AD&D 2e for most of my life, but I've been out of practice for 10+ years.
Language: English
Content Preferences: Fantasy Violence, otherwise family friendly.
Paying: Fee negotiable via PayPal, name your price (fair warning: disability budget), paid via PayPal.
Best Contact Method: Discord @ Legacy Ark Games#0725

Hi all,

I'm JT, and I've been looking to get into a game! Speaking of, I run Legacy Ark Games, a YouTube channel dedicated to making Let's Play videos which supports the disabled and chronically ill via its content and in its message. Recently, I've had an interest in bringing VTT sessions to the channel as safe and fresh alternative to the video game sessions I normally feature. This doesn't mean I have to stream any game I'm invited to (I certainly won't if requested not, and will say if I plan to!), but it's the good cause I support and which I've received generous help gearing up for via SmiteWorks and channel contributors. Now, I need time back in play to shake off the rust!

What I'd really like is a long term campaign, preferably AD&D2E, but I also like 3.5E, PF1E, and the Star Wars systems noted. Other things might be possible! I just ask that the group be geared toward family friendly content with fantasy violence okay.

My hope is that we click and continue adventuring together for the long haul and into the high levels - and not starting at rock bottom level isn't a bad thing for me! AD&D2E is my preference and where I started out, but I'd also consider a game with the other systems mentioned. If you've got an ongoing game you need a seat filled for and I sound like a match, or if you'd like to run a long term solo game for me, please do DM! I'm quite happy to discuss campaigns and to hear your fee for a seat at the table. Thanks!