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August 25th, 2020, 21:54

Rumors that the Dark Elf Queen Cristanos of Neriak has formed an army to march upon the ancient paladin stronghold that long ago fell to darkness. That stronghold is now known as Befallen, and the ancient ruins are cursed, only evil dwells there now. But even with this apparent threat to commonlands The Freeport Militia stand to do nothing, knowing that if such an army were to march across the commonlands. Death and Carnage would be wrought upon the innocents that lay in its path. The Knights of Truth and the Priests of Marr have called for aide of heroes within the realm to help. To either stand before the army itself or find out exactly why the Dark Elf Queen would make such a Sudden and irrational move.

The invitation is out to explore the World of Norrath in a homebrew adventure of High Fantasy! Using the 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons! Both new players and old are welcome to join! Explore the World of EVERQUEST

What you need to know!
System: Dungeons and Dragons 4e. and dont worry if you dont know the system. I have the entire library available to all my players with mostly all drag and drop features available. I'm willing to take the time needed to help new players learn my favorite version of DnD

Day and Time: I'm looking to run a game on any of the followring Days. Friday. Saturday, Sunday. I live in Central time Earliest Start time is 0900 AM

Session Length: My sessions typically run 3-4 hours.

Playstyle: High fantasy Adventure. This could be one quest designed to last 2 to 3 months. However it could also turn into a long term campaign if the players wish to continue on with it.

Character Development: Players will start at level one (not to worry 4e level one characters are unlike any other edition, they feel fully heroic). There will be some Race/Class restrictions based off the lore and history of Norrath.

License: I hold an Ultimate Classic License. So feel free to play on a trial fantasy grounds account

Cost: I charge $10.00 per session with a 4 player minimum. But to start I will offer free help in character development, as well as hold a session 0 for free. Also in order to get this started the First Session of any player coming into the game Will be Zero Charge, so they can get the chance to see if 4e is for them or not.

About me as a DM: It will be strange to hear this coming from a fan of 4e DnD. But I'm and old schooler. I've been an avid RPGer since 83, and have been DMing games for over 30 years. I love immersive gameplay and epic tales being told. I love Action packed combat as well as great roleplaying. There will be times that a rules call comes into play, and I like to lean on the rule of cool when possible.

Special Note: There's alot of Negativity that circulates around 4e. "It's a board game, it plays like an MMO, It's not real DnD" I would love to disprove those claims. and show just how great this system is.