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August 25th, 2020, 19:34

Tolkeen has fallen. The coalition now pushes westward into the northern Midwest. You stand as one of the refugees of that one time haven. Rumors that one of the leaders of the Legendary Cyber Knights has moved southwest, and has sworn to no longer stand idle and watch the world burn under the Xenophobic rule of the Coalition. He has formed a new legion of Heroes. The Tomorrow Legion, and you and those with you travel to join his cause. The time to fight back is now. Heroes are needed. Some may die in the struggles and danger that lie ahead, but others will rise to become Legends!

Hello All. I am looking to start a Savage World RIFTs game set to take place only weeks after the Fall of the City Tolkeen. This is a new game, and I am welcoming any that would like to learn not only about RIFTs but also new players that have never played the Savage Worlds System before. Experienced players are also welcome, but experience is not required as this game will be new player friendly.

About myself and the game
Time and Day: This game will be set to played on Saturdays Start time as early as 0900 (Central time) up to 1700 Start time (central time)

Session Length: The game will have a run time of 3-4 hours

Game Style: High adventure with a bit of grit, set in a Post POST apocalyptic setting that can pit dragons against power armor and giant mechs. Expect plenty of chances for roleplay, and combat. Id say 70/30 combat to roleplay, but we may have sessions that are entirely centered on the roleplaying. One thing of note. Savage Worlds is known for its possibly SAVAGE combat, and Rifts can take that and crank it up to 11. So be prepared as anything can happen! Including character deaths.

License: I hold a Ultimate Classic License. so you can play with a free trial account

Voice: I run on Discord and use voice through it. I request players use Push to talk to help keep background noises from interfering with other peoples fun.

Cost: 10.00 Per session However To get this game off the ground, I am offering both a free session Zero as well as a First actual game Session Free!

What I bring as DM/GM: Experience and Dedication to fun and descriptive play! I have over 30 years of DMing experience, and have been gaming since 83. I will strive to make the game as immersive as possible, and will try to make fair calls if the need arises.

Dont know about RIFTs? Lets talk. We can set up a voice meet or PM each other. What I can tell you Briefly is this. It truly is an amazing setting where you can play pretty much whatever you like. If it doesnt exist we can try to create it. You can build your character freeform or choose one of the Epic Iconic Frameworks such as the powerful Ley Line walker. That is a master of spells and the mana that powers it. The Arcane Arts arent your thing? Then maybe play as a full conversion cyborg, that is covered in head to to with state of the art borg armor, while wielding a rail gun and a Chain Sword. Yep we can do that. Heck you can even play as a 25 foot long dragon Hatchling that can polymorph and breath fire. Or do something more down to earth. All this lost technology in the world where not everyone knows how to use it or fix it. Then Play as a mechanical engineer, or a technowizard that blends technology with magic. The point is. This game wants you bring your imagination.

Anyway if you may be interested please reach out to me! Lets talk! I can make time to tell you about the world and some of the choices available.