View Full Version : FG2 - Adventure Creation Help + Bugs?

April 29th, 2007, 17:41
I'm fairly new to FG as I've only used it as a player for about a month now, but I'm getting up to speed and getting ready to use it from the GM side soon. I'm converting and inputting the old Keep on the Borderland adventure into FG2 and I have a couple of questions about using FG2. Also, are some of these problems bugs or am I just too much of a noob?

1) I've set up story pages and dragged links for some kobolds to a room and that seems to work pretty well. However, some of the kobolds have different equipment than the standard ones from 'd20 monsters', so I tried to modify it and couldn't figure out how. Next, I tried setting up a 'personality' for the better equipped Kobolds (called "Kobold Guard"), but even though I started with a clean slate on the stats for the Kobold Guards, I couldn't modify any of the 'draggable boxes' on the monster stat window such as hit points, initiative, the stats like strength, and the saving throws. How would you go about putting 'different from d20' monsters into your adventure? And if I should be creating a new personality like I did, how do I modifty those 'draggable' stats?

2) What do the other DM's out there do about treasure? It would be convenient for me to have some method where I could drag some text into a box the players could see listing the treasure for each room, but I'm unsure how to do that.

3) I brought up a blank character sheet and tried to input attack and damage information on the 'Combat' tab. Most of the fields allowed me to modify the boxes, but I couldn't enter anything into the 'Damage' box. How do I go about doing this?

4) I noticed when using the /die command from the chat box that something like "/die 1d20 Attack" defaults to hidden now and "/die ? 1d20 Attack" gives the result "GM 0". How do I show rolls to players now without having the drag the result back into the chat box?

April 29th, 2007, 18:47
Ok, I figured out myself how to enter information on the boxes I was having trouble modifying. For hit points, stats, save, and such I click on the box and roll the mouse scroll button to adjust the values. For weapon damage, I drag the dice representing the damage done over to the weapon damage box (very cool!).

However, I still have problems with the other things I mentioned above, plus a new one: If I set up a personality and enter nothing on the 'main' tab, then go on and fill in the 'combat' tab, I can't go back and enter information on the 'main' tab.