View Full Version : Minor "Mouse Wheel" update issue to add to the "To do" list

April 28th, 2007, 21:29
I have found that if you have a field "Selected" (which is to say that you clicked on it to hightlight it) and you use the mouse wheel to scroll the number up or down, linked fields won't update until you click them again. If you deselect the field by clicking an empty space, or another field, the mouse wheel will now properly inc/dec the field and all linked fields properly. This also goes for changes to character sheets by remote clients.

I am a remote client connected to a GM session. I open my character sheet and mouse over the wound field (without clicking) and move my mousewheel up 2 clicks. The wound field will increment 2 points and all linked fields and the GM copy will update immediately. Now, suppose I click the field (as if to edit it with keys) and move the mouse up 2 clicks. The field will update by moving up 2 points, but the linked fields and GM copy will not update until the field is clicked again (forcing an update). It works fine to click the field and use the keyboard to update, which is to say that all fields (linked and GM copy) will update properly.

Note: These fields I'm speaking of are defined as <abilityscore>

As a side note, d20magicitems.mod contains and extra .bak file.