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August 20th, 2020, 21:17
I hope it will please, that it will be good and that it will serve something for those who like to use hexagons.

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August 20th, 2020, 21:19
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August 21st, 2020, 00:55
Thank you Yako!

August 21st, 2020, 05:13
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August 28th, 2020, 05:16
These are cool and are good work, but please note that HOR-HEX-BASE-2.png doesn’t work with the rules... Basically, it messes up the facing. See GURPS Basic Set, Campaigns, p. 385. That says:

You must “face” toward one of the six hexes adjacent to your hex at all times. Your facing defines your front, right, left, and back hexes (see illustration). Your front hexes are the hexes you can see into and easily move into. You can move into any adjacent hex – but sideways and backward movement is slower. For a right-handed fighter, the right side is the “weapon side” and the left side is the “shield side.” For a lefthanded fighter, these are reversed.

So VERT-HEX-BASE-2.png works great; HOR-HEX-BASE-2.png does not.

EDIT: I see that the base that says "VERT-HEX-BASE-2.png" is the one that works, not the other way around. I see that as "horizontal," but that's no matter. Just want to make sure the post is accurate.

August 28th, 2020, 20:58
Oh yes, I realized that, but if only one base helps, it's great: D