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August 20th, 2020, 15:01
Greetings fellow Travellers,

My bi-weekly Traveller campaign has started off with Marches Adventure 1 purchased here from Fantasy Grounds. I went ahead and purchased the PDF of Marches Adventure 2 to continue my group's campaign in the Spinward Marches and converted it up to a functional FG mod. Since that is the last published content by Mongoose in that series I would like to move my campaign setting to the Sindal Subsector and take advantage of the content currently available from the Fantasy Grounds store. Thanks to our zero-day character creation I have a couple of hooks to get my players there logically, and start-up Reach Adventure 1.

My group and I are new to Traveller and I would like some ideas on how to get my players, and their Scout ship, to Marduk from Flammarion without having to make 27 jumps. I do not want a lousy astrogation roll to be a cop-out to make it happen, so I was thinking of having them dock their Scout ship on a more massive ship with J4+.

Any ideas and sources would be great!



August 20th, 2020, 15:41
As the GM if you don't want to mess with the travel then just pass the time in a few moments by saying "You travel for xx weeks and finally arrive at your destination." .. done.. Or you could have them misjump and magically arrive where you want them.


August 20th, 2020, 15:46
trade along the way

our table is in exactly the same situation and will be trading en route to pax rulin (part way between) where they will pick up the last flight of the amuar adventure before moving onwards to trojan reach

August 20th, 2020, 16:02
We are being meticulous with our bookkeeping. 27 jumps, in a Scout Ship, will have a time cost of ~189 day or ~6.3 months. I'll call it 7 months of maintenance, life support, and fuel costs(not to mention miscellaneous docking/port fees). We could spend an entire 4 hour session making the jumps and trading on the way rolling on tables, making or skill checks, and I would be rolling on encounter tables to account for piracy and cosmic anomolies. Or I can offer my players an option to 'berth' their Scout Ship on a much larger transport type ship with say J5 and only have 8 jumps to make and just move the story forward. I am open to slow jumping across the system in a Scout Ship as a Ref but I want to make the option available to my players as it my be a grind for some of them just to spend an entire session getting from point A to point B. I am hung up on the guys keeping their Scout Ship as it was a major plot point from the first adventure High and Dry.

August 20th, 2020, 16:12
our group got their ship via same adventure, a jump 2 far trader in lieu of the highndry.

i changed the refit base to mille falcs (opposite end of the bowman arm from flammarion) and it's not that far from mille falcs to pax rulin the kick off for amuar.

here's our list with begin and and end points for each adventure:

Flammarion: Highndry
Walston: Highndry
Mille Falcs: Highndry
Berengaria: Amuar
Pa’an: Amuar
Homestead: bt-sht 365
Chalchiutlicue: Calixcuel
Marduk: Marooned
Marduk: Theories of Everything
Drinax: Pirates of Drinax

August 20th, 2020, 21:01

Yep, just changing the location of the adventure module to somewhere closer make a lot more sense. Thanks adzling!