View Full Version : LFDM (Paid) For Epic, Ongoing 2E-3E Solo Campaign

August 16th, 2020, 21:37
[Seeking Paid DM - Ongoing, Epic D&D Campaign]

I run Legacy Ark Games, a YouTube channel dedicated to supporting and spreading a positive message about disabled/chronically ill gamers. There has been a lot of voluntary support from the community as far as my getting into games, but most are unfortunately far away. I thought I'd give a try at paying a DM to run a game for me so that I can both get used to FG (looking at adding FG sessions to my channel as something fresh) and have a bit of fun for myself!

For this post, I'm looking to pay a GM for an ongoing, epic to demigod level campaign set in the Forgotten Realms. Ruleset would be 2E through 3.5e, with those two specifically being ones I know to have rules for playing demigods and other deities. So, that's the challenge, but the bright spot is that it's a solo campaign - you won't be GMing for a group of people that powerful! For so long as you're interested in writing material for a weekly game and for so long as I can afford your rate, we'll hopefully have a great time. Feel free to DM if you want to discuss in greater detail!

Summary below, using a format borrowed from others...

FG License: FGU Ultimate, FGC Demo
Time: 3-6h
Days of week, frequency, and time: Day of the week negotiable, weekly, Starting ~1PM EST/Ending ~6PM EST (preferred), OR Starting ~7PM EST/Ending ~11PM EST with times being flexible
Voice: Discord, or pure text is fine (fast typist here)
Game System: AD&D 2E, D&D3E-3.5E, maybe PF1E (depends on what you can make work best with the idea)
Game System Experience: Experienced player, though I need to shake a bit of rust off.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: Starter, though I've designed a couple of D&D2E characters for a campaign next month with no trouble. Caught on pretty fast to the program.
Rate: Negotiable. I am physically disabled and can't pay a fortune given my circumstances, but would certainly be open to hearing your rates for my request.
Contact Method: Please DM @ Legacy Ark Games#0725

Thank you!