View Full Version : Initiative Order on Combat Tracker

August 13th, 2020, 22:21
For some reason when I, as GM, or a player clicks to advance to the next actor in the round the tracker seems to not follow initiative order. Is anyone else having this issue> Is there a way around it other then manually dragging the next actor pip to the right one?

August 13th, 2020, 23:51
Can you see an order to it or is it just random?

August 15th, 2020, 03:37
There is an order to it because if I clear the initiatives and then manually set all initiatives back to what they were previously, It follows the same pattern. I believe it is counting up from the lowest to the highest and if 2 initiatives are the same it jumps to the top tied initiative and works down then starts going up again once past the ties. However the starting point of the initiative is random, starting is different places (top, middle, bottom) Once the round starts all consecutive rounds follow in the same order starting a new round where it began.

Very strange.

August 19th, 2020, 02:06
We are have the same issue playing PF2.

August 19th, 2020, 06:00
I am looking into this and will push a fix once it is found.

August 19th, 2020, 14:08
Pushed fix for next actor button not following correct CT sort.