View Full Version : Crash when Deselecting modules

April 28th, 2007, 00:13
I just updated to v2.0.5 with d20 ruleset build 5. I can open an adventure module fine but when I close it FG2 crashes. This only happens on an exported module. The ruleset modules d20 Basic Rules, d20 Magic Items, d20 Monsters and d20 spells work fine. Anyone else notice this?

April 28th, 2007, 00:42
I think I closed and re-opened a module earlier to test out the new thumbnails and didn't get a crash.

April 28th, 2007, 01:56
Strange, were these adventure modules?

April 28th, 2007, 02:00
Homemade ones -- some maps and personalities mostly.

April 28th, 2007, 04:05
As were mine. Now I'm worried about data coruption. :( Some of the modules were very small ones, several are large. Got a game tonight so I don't have anymore time to mess with it. I just won't close anything I open. :p

April 28th, 2007, 08:25
Please let us know if you find out anything new. I would also like to have a look at a module that does this, if you can locate one please e-mail it to [email protected]

April 28th, 2007, 10:36
I didn't have much time to mess with it. I did zip the files up and e-mailed them to you. The campaign is large and with the modules, the attachments are just under 10 megs.

April 30th, 2007, 06:04
I messed with this and can now reproduce this. The problem seems to be pin related. I created a new campaign. I added an image. I put one pin on it. I created another tab in the maps and images scroll and added another image. I put one pin on it. I exported the module. I started another campaign and imported it. I closed the book on the module list and FG2 crashed. These files are very small. I'll e-mail you them.