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August 11th, 2020, 16:50

Hail Adventurers and well met. My Wed Group is seeking another brave victi....err adventurer to aide the kingdom of Cormyr during an oncoming Darkness that is arising from the depths of the Dragonmere! If you think you meet this description please read below for all you need to know.

SYSTEM: 5e DND (Homebrew)

DAY AND TIME: We meet most Tuesday Evenings at 1900 Central time. Sessions typically play for 3 hours with an hour buffer if needed.

CHARACTERS: THis campaign has had 4 sessions players Characters just hit level 3. We are using classic XP leveling as this is a homebrew. WE are also using point buy. Feel free to build any character from the PHB, Xanathars or Unearthed. I will admit. While we do have a druid and paladin that can offer some healing. The group is down a cleric. but any class is a welcome addition. (theres always potions)

LICENSE: I have an ultimate License (classic) so feel free to log in with a trial account.

COST: Your first session as well as character building help is free. After your first full session of gameplay going forward I charge $10.00 per session. payable via paypal.

GAMESTYLE: Prepare for a good mix of roleplaying opportunity and combat. As this unknown darkness sweeps across the land, the heroes are scrambling to try to find out what it is, and if they can stop it. One of the PCs has even been directly Affected by it.

VOICE/CHAT: I am primarily a Voice DM (we use Discord) but there will be some chat as well.

ABOUT THE DM: With nearly 40 years of DnD experience, and over 30 as a DM, 10 of which right here on Fantasy Grounds, I promise to do my best to provide a fun and involved gaming atmosphere. I make sure to try to be fair in my decisions if a rules querry does come up. I also love using the Rule of Cool when things happen that might not be clearly defined in the rules itself.

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED: Please feel free to contact me via PM here or down below or through my Discord channel with any questions or if you may be interested in joining us! We would love to have you.

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/vkf7uvp

August 14th, 2020, 03:41
Spot may be taken. Will update in the next few days!